Newsletter for This Week


Since we are now open the site will become more active along with constant changes on the site to keep this site in the best shape. Soon you will see new graphics being added and this week you will see a whole site redesign with a new domain along with a fresh CSS. There will also be adspaces available for those of you that would like to put your ads on here. We will also be opening up smaller sites for a more organized process. If you are interested in running one of our sites please contact either Shad or Garrett101 on the chat. Also next week we will be having our first meetings/vote for the Chief of Staff! If you would like to the Chief of Staff please fill out an application on the apply page. Also this week there will be another party on the chat with prize giveaways and such as CPANN should be opening this week also, however, if we don’t get enough staff members for it, it won’t open. I will be working on that site this weekend to get it ready though. So what I am saying is that this week will be a big week of working and being busy. Staff, I will need you guys to be helping me out with everything and keeping the site active as my main focus will be CPANN this week. Anyways that is all I have for now so please continue to look around the site and give us feedback!



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