Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans Pelicans

CENTRAL MEDIA INC, HEAD REPORTER OFFICE – Tonight, the Golden State Warriors played against the New Orleans Pelicans. Golden State Warriors’ newest member to the team, Kevin Durant made several dunk highlights during the game. With six minutes and thirty-three seconds on the clock, the Golden State Warriors managed to have a 16-point lead against the Pelicans.

Lance Stephenson, from the New Orleans Pelicans, also made incredible shooting highlights. As usual, the splash brother (Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry) made some open 3’s and some not. The game was well-played but at the end of the game, the Golden State Warriors resulted in winning the entire game.

An image of Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry during the Warriors vs. Pelicans game.

Klay Thompson vs. Anthony Davis

Now……you might be wondering who won Player of the Game tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, the Player of the Game tonight is…..drum roll, please……




Now, what did you think about tonight’s game? Was your prediction correct on who would win in the game? 

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

Central Media Inc. Head Reporter





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