Pence’s Plane Skids Off Runway!

Vice Presidential Candidate; Mike Pence has a very narrow exit, following his plane sliding off the runway due to poor weather conditions while landing in New York!

Latest YouTuber updates, Jenna Marbles has a car accident and Vine is taken down from Twitter! Read more!

Starting off with the recent near tragedy of Mike Pence, last night while landing in New York, the plane was able to sustain a dangerous narrow escape onto grass. No one was injured that day at LaGuardia airport, furthermore, all emergency services responded quickly and were able to keep the passengers safe.

Running Vice President; Mr. Pence and another approximate 30 passengers rushed through the back exit of the plane with a huge sign of relief on their faces acknowledging that they live to tell the story.

Soon after the event, the airport was closed until further announcement, as quoted by officials :

“The pilot slammed the brakes and passengers on the aircraft could smell burning rubber.”


Pence campaign plane

Footage from live TV had shown Mike Pence accompanied by emergency vehicles in the rain, seen chatting with the first responders.

Hillary Clinton then responded on Twitter to the turn of events.

Clinton tweet

Meanwhile, in the social media world a lot of news and drama has revolved. Many fans worrying about their inspiration going by the name of Jenna Marbles who has very recently been involved in a car crash and suffered minor injuries. Thankfully the car crash wasn’t severe and Jenna is healing safe and sound.

Another story, Twitter has just terminated Vine. This is now a trending topic on Twitter and there are certainly mixed opinions on this event. Some people being angry and others thankful.

A Prankster going by the name of FouseyTube has been involved in a described as “Twitter Civil War” between other YouTubers who are furious of how the prankster makes fabricated pranks for money and earns many awards for doing so. There has been some YouTubers wanting to fight FouseyTube.

Which story did you think was most interesting? Comment down below!


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