Pakistan/India Update

Central Media Incorporated, the office- Pakistan and India are stuck in the mud. Conflict on their respected borders which leads to bigger conflict, but neither side are using nuclear weapons, but are threatening to.

Politically the conflict has enforced the Indian and Pakistani Government to deport famous singers, actors and people that are not born in either country vice-versa. This has caused social media to rampage, as movies are being delayed, or will cancel production as lead stars, and cast members were ousted from the country, vice-versa. 

Nuclear weapons- The war to come will eventually involve nuclear weapons. Nevertheless the first country to strike with a nuclear, will both see its catastrophic aftermath.

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A Nuclear bomb, to be dropped would cause a astronomical interference with the atmosphere, which will cause deaths and will cut off the victims from the rest of the world! As both countries are not within a more protected area; via building strengths and roads, the aftermath would be devastating. 

What Science has to say?

From the Atomic Bomb, dropped in Japan 1945, statistics show how a bomb would affect the future, for a century to come. Statistics shows how an increase in cancer, disease and disability’s would appear to affect the chromosomes of the future generations to come. This would create a hazard risk for the country and would economically and socially reduce the population and it’s GDP. 

My thoughts?

As we can gather, the outcome of dropping a nuclear bomb would be catastrophic, both countries are threatening each other, but nevertheless both are scared as not stable enough to drop one on each other. So whilst a conflict is on the borders, as people that originated from either country are being sent back to their originated country, a nuclear war is unquestionable, as a nuclear bomb is too much to handle!

Primary Country>Drops nuclear>Secondary Country>drops nuclear>repeat>repeat>aftermath=both countries in total annihilation 


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