Muskogee, Oklahoma Nightclub Shooting


Muskogee, Oklahoma-Three women are hospitalized after a shooting took place in Muskogee, Oklahoma at a nightclub called Club Pulse. One of the victims was flown to a Tulsa Hospital after being shot in the pelvis and the police says that the woman was conscious and talking to the police. The police is saying the shooting originally took place outside where the shooter fired outside the club and then they say the shooter went inside the club and open fired hitting two other women. Witnesses say that the manΒ shot at the ceiling several times. At some point the police say that someone stabbed a woman in the torso, but was not reported until after the shooting.

Right now it isn’t clear if the stabbing and the shooting was connected or not. Right now the woman that was stabbed and the two women shot are at a Muskogee Hospital and injuries are non-life threatening. The owner of the club says about four or five hundred people were in the club at the time for a private party.


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