New Weekly Column: Premier League Review

As you probably know, the Premier League is around and currently there has been a total of 10 games played, so to provide our viewers with the latest Premier League news we have decided that it will be a good idea to start a column which tells you the scores of the weekends’ games and they’ll be followed with a personal opinion about the match. Hopefully, this column will provide all our football fanatics with the news that they want! Our weekly column will be posted every game week, either on a Sunday or a Monday (depending on when the last match is).

To summarise this column, it’ll be a weekly review of the Premier League’s games which have taken place in that week. When reviewing a game, there will be a number of things which are included, for example, the review will include the score, who scored, team lineups, a paragraph or two which talks about how the game went and I will include a personal opinion on the game and how the teams performed. As well as commenting on how well the teams performed, I will be evaluating how the teams could’ve better in their game.

I hope the idea of a weekly review will provide you with the news you need. Stay tuned for the start of this exclusive review!


Central Media Inc. Head Reporter


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