The Weekly Report


Shad’s Office-Alright so this past week was a huge success for us all and I am really happy about it. This week we will be doing what we can for you! For the People by the People. I will be working on getting everyone polls, setting up public meetings for everyone, more contests, and I will be working on a Game Clan for us all. More details about the Game Clan will be added soon. I will also be working on getting us a music site and a gaming site.

Also one thing I would like to mention to everyone is our partnership with Dawg Pound Radio! With that being said we will be looking for DJs for Central Media Inc! However, with this position you will have to pay to use the stream. If you want this position please contact me and let me know as it is a very important position in our staff.

In other news over the past week we have added another staff position to the team. The staff position is a bouncer for the chat! This position was added for the chat if you would like to work here, but don’t want to post on the site, this is the position for you.

One last thing I should mention is that I will be going on leave starting Thursday through November 8th.

There will be new things added soon so keep looking at the site!

We The People



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