A large number of fake euros found in Bulgaria reservoir

The notes were found in Mechka reservoir, near the town of Purvomai

Police jumpers in Bulgaria have found about €13m (£11.7m) in fake banknotes covered up in a reservoir.

Authorities said packs of fake €500 notes were found after a tip-off.

The correct size of the pull won’t be known until the notes are completely dried.

Three Bulgarians have been captured and various weapons seized. One of the general population captured, the proprietor of a printing organization, had as of now been sentenced to six years in jail for forging cash.

Boss prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov said the find was “one of the largest amounts of counterfeit euros ever encountered”.

He said the fakes were “of an extremely high quality”.

In any case, another authority said some of them didn’t convey 3D images.

It happened at the Mechka supply close to the town of Purvomai in southern Bulgaria.

The European Central Bank is because of eliminating the €500 note in light of fears that it helps criminal exercises.

In 2013, Portuguese police seized €380,000 in fake €200 notes of “excellent quality”.

– SilentSniper Central Media Reporter


One comment on “A large number of fake euros found in Bulgaria reservoir

  1. Samsungy says:

    That’s a lot of money!


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