Sony compelled to apologize after mainstream Japanese group disciplined for ‘Nazi-style’ outfits

October 22nd, the individuals from Keyakizaka46 showed up at a show in dark knee-length dresses that look like military jackets, and dark capes and officer tops with a Nazi-like falcon seal

Sony Music Japan apologized on Tuesday after its mainstream Japanese girls’ band Keyakizaka46 experienced harsh criticism for performing in outfits looking like Nazi-period German military uniforms.

“We express our genuine statement of regret for bringing on offense … as a result of our absence of comprehension,” Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) said in an announcement posted on its site. “We consider the incident important and will attempt endeavors to keep a repeat of a comparable occurrence later on.”

Sony Music representative Yasuyuki Oshio said there had been no goal to interface the execution to Nazism.The US-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, a human rights amass concentrated on hostile to Semitism and despise discourse, issued an announcement Monday saying it was appalled by the garbs and approaching Sony Music and the gathering’s maker to apologize.

“Watching youthful high schoolers on the stage and in the group of onlookers moving in Nazi-style uniforms causes extraordinary pain to the casualties of the Nazi genocide,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, relate senior member of the Wiesenthal Center, said in the announcement.

Sony Music Japan has apologized for the outfits.

It’s not the first occasion when that Sony has said it’s sad after an objection from the Wiesenthal Center. In 2011, Sony Music Artists Inc. apologized for a stone band under its administration that spruced up like Nazis on a national TV communicate.

The Wiesenthal Center had communicated “shock and dismay” at the appearance by the band, Kishidan, on MTV Networks Japan. A lot of Asia is less delicate about the utilization of Nazi subjects than the West. The Wiesenthal Center has likewise challenged episodes in South Korea and Thailand.

Keyakizaka46, framed in August 2015 by maker Yasushi Akimoto, is a gathering on the ascent, as indicated by The Japan Times. Its first single, “Silent Majority,” was No. 1 on the Japanese charts subsequent to selling around 260,000 within a week of its April 6 release.

– SilentSniper Central Media Reporter





One comment on “Sony compelled to apologize after mainstream Japanese group disciplined for ‘Nazi-style’ outfits

  1. Samsungy says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that these girls were not taught about the Holocaust and have no respect for the 6 million jews who were killed by the nazis.


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