Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theory

Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate has had multiple conspiracy theories written about her, but are they accurate?


It is true that Hillary, in the past, has been diagnosed with multiple blood clots and other severe medical issues. Clinton suffered her first blood clot in 1998 while she was the first lady, following by another incident 11 years later in 2009. Concluding with 2011, when a clot was found in her brain. Although, not only did she undergo blood clots but a concussion as well. In 2013, Clinton sustained a concussion after becoming dehydrated and eventually fainted. Most recently, she has been diagnosed with pneumonia, a lung disease that causes air sacks to be filled with pus.

Hillary has been spotted with a mysterious handler/ bodyguard multiple times, who always seems to calm her down. He also appears to be holding an injector, possibly containing a drug, anxiety related or something much more severe.


This could be related to pneumonia, although the mysterious man already appeared to be injecting her before she was diagnosed.

Here is a clip with the mysterious handler:

During the 9/11 tribute, Clinton passed out just before entering her limo. Then, just 2 hours later she is seen smiling and waving for the camera. Multiple sources have started comparing the face and body of Hilary, before and after the incident. They found an astonishing amount of differences, her hair was much lighter, nose more flared, chin longer, hips larger. This caused many people to believe that it was a body double, which, might be true.

Other than her health, there are multiple theories stating that she has used a green screen, hologram, ect, in her rally in Greensboro. During the beginning of the Rally, phones were pulled out to record the events, although, if you looked close enough, Hillary does not appear passing by on the phone screens, while on the main camera she is clearly seen passing in front of the phone cameras. There is also an odd glitching of her body near end of the rally, while the background remained perfect. Finally, she also turned around to wave, although no one was there and it oddly appears as if she was waving to the air.  Full rally here:

What are your thoughts on Hillary Clinton? Do you think she’s hiding a severe illness?



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