Weekly Central Comics #1

CENTRAL COMICS OFFICE – You know, with all this stuff going on, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 108 years, the shootings, and finally the Al Qaeda terror plot which will target the United States election day. With all this going on, we need to at least laugh every once in a while.

I hereby present you……..


This is what happens when you learn how to use a lawnmower, you kill a dog. Do you really need a lawnmower? Just be like the early Americans and buy a machete and cut it that way. I think that’s how they did it…..


This is how I became Canadian when I was first born.


So I guess this is how you were born…huh? Did the plumber become your dad? Really, tell me in the comments xD



You know, last words are always important just like this one.



The one guy who is a unicyclist……



Ben // ThatWaryGuy

Head of the Central Comis Department




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