Trump Wins 2016 Presidental Elections

Yesterday night, Donald J. Trump won 2016 Presidental Election against Hillary Clinton. Trump managed to get 29 electoral votes from Flordia, 18 electoral votes from Ohio, and 55 electoral votes from Texas. 

Hillary Clinton managed to get 55 electoral votes from the Democratic state, California and 29 electoral votes from New York. Hillary resulted in getting 228 votes and Trump resulted in getting 279 votes.
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Ben // ThatWaryGuy


One comment on “Trump Wins 2016 Presidental Elections

  1. wolfalb says:

    he has not one yet. the electoral delegates don’t vote till the 19th and the majority of them can vote for who ever they want even if there state voted one way. i predict that the at least a few states delegates will switch because of pressure from protests and such.


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