Trump Wins Election- Students Across The US Begin To Protest

Hi, everyone, it’s me Firdavs here today we have a real good post for you guys it’s about on November 8th around 3:00 am Trump was elected President of the United States Of America It’s been 2 days since the Presidental Election and we already have students from all over the United States make student protest rallies,For example in At Berkeley High School, about 1,500 students came outside to see a Donald Trump protest rally start it lasted for awhile. In fact, lots of many other schools have made bigger protest rallies.In New York City, thousands of people came yelling to Trump Tower with signs it’s clear that most people in New York City don’t want Donald Trump to be President of the United States of America and want Hillary Clinton to take the spot for CEO of America.In fact, I’ve gotten Info that Claire Mordowanec said that “I’ve been sad and angry all day” The  Trump Protests began early Wednesday, soon after Trump delivered his victory speech.Hillary Supporters like Vishal Singh said, “I expected better of my electorate”. Thousands of protesters blocked traffic in Portland,Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia School officials accompanied students as they marched, and there were no plans to discipline the students a teacher said.Los Angeles

That’s all for today folks hope you enjoyed

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