We Are Still American


Shad’s Office-Now that I am back around again and able to see what has become of America after the Season Finale of America(The Election), I have some things to say. First off I would like to point out the obvious, Donald Trump has overcome the haters. He has is now our President of the United States for the next 4 years. Whether you like him or hate him he is our President and as an American you should support that. Remember guys you are American first and nothing, not even him, can change that. Secondly, why IS everyone going crazy over him becoming the President? I mean, yes you may not have voted for him and he isn’t Hillary Clinton like some of you may have wanted, but he is our President and you can’t really change that.

I would like to mention that some of you take his jokes way too serious. I have seen some people saying how he said he “raped” his wife every night, I have even seen people saying he’s racist, sexist, etc. I have seen and heard all kinds of different things about him, however, hangout with a group of U.S. Marines for an hour and you may believe they are insane. U.S. Marines say some of the craziest stuff I have ever heard and they are completely joking about it. I have heard things that would make whatΒ Donald Trump says look petty. I am by far saying he is the perfect President as we all know he isn’t, however, what is a perfect President? Every President we have had in the past has had their flaws and everyone has protested, rioted, etc. about it and what did that do? Not a thing. So America I ask you all this, what is so bad about Donald Trump that you go out and burn our Flag and riot and cry about your choice not becoming President?

Now I leave you with this, as a Nation just remember that by the end of the night, we are American.



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