Russian Fighter Jet Crashes

On Sunday, Russian fighter jet crashed the Mediterranean Sea, in the United States near its aircraft carrier after launching near the coast of Syria.

Three Russian MiG-29 fighters’ jets launched from their aircraft carrier during the Soviet-era and the jets flew in the direction of Syria. Once the fighters were in the air, one of the Russian fighters’ jets were having mechanical difficulties turned back around and went back into the direction of their aircraft carrier instead of going to the direction of Syria.

Mikoyan MiG-29

Russian Fighters’ Jets

After the jet turned around, the Russian fighter who was in it attempted to land but crashed and splashed the jet into the water. Later on, a Russian rescue helicopter got a parachute for the Russian fighter who safely got out of the jet which was in ruins. The MiG-29, the jet that the Russian fighters were flying, was designed back in the 70s’ to counter the United States’ Air Force F-15 and their F-16 too but only entered service ten years later in the 80s’.

Nobody knew about the Russian fighters’ jet crash only a day after the media claimed that Russia was preparing for their Tu-95 and their Tu-160 long-range bombers for their strike missions back in Syria.

The following paragraph is from FOX News:

The Russian Tu-95 “Bear” and Tu-160 “Blackjack,” according to their NATO call signs, have been operating in Syria since 2015 and are based at Engels Air Force base in southern Russia near Kazakhstan.  The Blackjack is a supersonic variable-sweep wing long range bomber and more advanced than its 1950s-era Bear counterpart, which is propeller driven.


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