Is Disney Going to Buy Netflix?

Rumors have been going around that the Walt Disney or Disney company will be buying Netflix, an American multinational entertainment company. Disney is apparently looking to buy Netflix to become the King of the streaming world.

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Why the Disney-Netflix Deal Would Be Good:

If the Walt Disney company actually buys Netflix, then all channels from the Disney channel and Disney XD channels would go onto Netflix. If the Disney-Netflix deal goes through, then families would buy Netflix accounts for their children to watch the Disney shows which will gain more money for the Disney-Netflix company which will also make Disney the King of the streaming world which is great on their side. The CEO of Netflix could also become the CEO of the Walt Disney company too if the deal goes through.

Why the Disney-Netflix Deal Would Be Bad:

If the Walt Disney and the Netflix deal becomes official, then other entertainment companies would most likely run out of business and Netflix would gain more money which will make other entertainment companies die and shut down. People probably won’t buy movies from Amazon as much anymore but will buy an account and watch from their device on the Netflix app.


What do YOU think about the Disney-Netflix deal? Do you think that the deal will become official? If it will, do you think it would be bad or good? Express your opinions below!

Ben // ThatWaryGuy

Central Media Inc. Reporter


One comment on “Is Disney Going to Buy Netflix?

  1. Doctor Mine Turtle says:

    Disney buying Netflix would be a virtual monopoly for that industry.


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