The Most Evil Man in the World


Shad’s Office-Alright so I was going to post about this before the election, however I decided to wait to see what would happen after the election. With the events going on right now I decided to do more research into this and just like I thought I was right. This post will take you back and it will also make you think about the current situation. I am now bringing things into light for everyone to see.

George Soros known to some as The Most Evil Man in the World was born back in 1930. George Soros has been a hot topic to some due to his large existence among Democrats. He has been known to give Billions of dollars to the left wing and has influenced the U.S. Elections. He has once paid millions of dollars to help get rid of George W. Bush out of the White House. His early financial support actually helped Barrack Obama start his political career. George Soros also wants more power for groups such as World Banks and International Monetary Fund. Another thing that has been noticed is the fact that George Soros actually funds 30 news outlets with a couple of them being CNN and ABC News. George Soros has also been known to FUND Black Lives Matter groups.

Now why am I telling you all this? Well with the most recent events going on people have found that all these recent protest has been due to George Soros ACTUALLY funding these paying Anti-Trump protestors $15/hr. George Soros has made a pact with President Obama and Hillary Clinton amongst other close allies of his so he can run the world without being the face. He uses this pact as his puppets. George Soros wants to replace our current police force with NATO’s by either killing them off or firing them. Why do you think the media has been showing so much police brutality events on the news? George Soros is an evil man and this should be known by everyone. I suggest everyone to do more research on this man so you can find out for yourself and get your own opinion on him. For now this is all I have. I just believe you all should know about this man since we know the Main Media Outlets won’t.

What do you guys think about George Soros? Is he an evil man? Or just a political activist? Discuss it in the comments below! 

~We The People~



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