Tennessee School Bus Crash

Today, a school bus got into a car crash in Tennessee where at least six children were killed and the other twenty-three were injured when the students’ school bus crashed into a house in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Neal Pinkston, a Hamilton County District Attorney told the media outlets that five children died at the crashing scene and one child died when he/she reached the hospital. Neal Pinkston’s attorney office reported that some of the students were in bad condition due to the school bus crash.

Fire departments said that there were about 35 passengers on the school bus when the school bus crashed into a house around 3:30 pm central standard time.

Fred Fletcher, the Chattanooga Police Chief told the media that all of the twenty-three who were injured was transported to nearby area hospitals and that the driver who crashed the school bus was cooperating with the police officials about the car crash.

Chattanooga Police Chief, Fred Fletcher said: “Our hearts go out, as well as the hearts of all these people behind me, to the families, the neighborhood, the school, for all the people involved in this, we assure you we are doing everything we can,”. Fletcher then said “every public safety professional’s worst nightmare.”

The school bus was carrying students from Woodmore Elementary, who were most likely grades from K5 to fifth grade. Tracy Arnold, Chattanooga police Assistant Chief, said that their police officials wouldn’t identify the six students that died until their parents were notified about their children and about the school bus crash.

A neighbor that witnessed the school bus crash told WTVC media that children escaped from the roof hatch after the school bus crashed into someone’s house. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that two students whose bodies were bloody were seen lying on in someone’s front yard in the neighborhood, the students who escaped and were found lying in someone’s front yard received treatment from some first responders who reported to the school bus crash scene.

People who heard about the bus crash lined up to donate blood for the children who lost an amount of blood during the school bus crash. Bill Haslam, the Tennessee Governor called the crash “a tragic event” and he also said “We’re going to do everything we can to assist in any way,” he said in a statement. “It’s a sad situation anytime there’s a school bus with children involved, which there is in this case. We will do everything we can to assist in what I think is going to be a very sad situation.”


Ben // ThatWaryGuy

Central Media Inc. Reporter


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