Gaming Clan


Shad’s Office~Alright so I have been pondering on what I can do to get the community together and bring fun to everyone. I have decided to make a Game Clan for everyone! This Game Clan will be mainly for fun and to have a group of players online for everyone. There will be divisions within the clan for PlayStation 4 Gamers, Xbox 1, and of course PC. We will be playing different games from GTAV to Battlefield 1. Now we just need a name. I have a few in mind. I already have a website for one of them and if you think we should stick to that name let me know in the comments.

The Bullet Club Gaming Clan(I already have this site up)

The Demonic Family

If you don’t want either of these comment your suggestion in the comments and we will vote on one Friday.



2 comments on “Gaming Clan

  1. ✠𝔖𝓗𝔄𝔇✠ says:

    The Rebel’s Gaming Family


  2. Pika says:

    Silent Assassins


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