The Weekly Update


Shad’s Office~ would like to begin this off with a thank you to all the readers out there for making this what it is so far. We are doing an outstanding job so thank you to the staff as well. First off I would like to remind you all that this Friday we will be having a Thanksgiving Party on our chat where I will be giving out prizes! However, before that we will be having another meeting which will be an hour before the party.

Also starting Friday I will be opening up Central Studios! Which will be our OFFICIAL Graphics website for all of you! So if you would like to buy graphics from us please go to this site will be ran by no other than Metro himself. The Graphics Designers will be on the site as well with a few others. As an official graphics site we only hire the best graphics designers around so if you would like to apply and think you are good enough please apply on that site!

Also coming soon will be our official gaming website! Our Gaming Website, known as Central Gaming Studios, will be opening up coming in December! So please stay in touch for more updates on that as well as what I have brought up last night with our future Gaming Clan!

I would also like to announce our Music Website that is currently in the works which will be opening near the end of December!

SO for everyone wanting to join, but not sure what you are into there’s your chance to choose! Anyways, as you can see Central Media Inc. is busy at hand trying to make it better for you! So please let us know what you think in the comments below!

~We The People~



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