Election Recount in Wisconsin

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Jill Stein, former Green Party presidential candidate, filed a petition on Friday the 25th with the states Election Commission team.

Jill Steins campaign raised up to $7 million to fund the recount, and reports of $5.25 million in donations for the recount. The most donations made for a recount by a third-party candidate in history. Stein also wished to file recount petitions in two other states, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Each state has a deadline before they are no longer allowed to petition and have a recount.

The following are the deadlines:

  1. Wisconsin – Friday, November 25th Image result for check mark
  2. Pennsylvania – Monday, November 28th
  3. Michigan – Wednesday, November 30th

Stein seeks recounts for the President Elect Donald Trump. She has reports of election lawyers and data experts, with no proof, trying to persuade Hillary to also file a recount, from suspicions that cyber-attacks could have manipulated the results in these select states. Stein was not the only one; Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, the Reform Party nominee, also filed a recount in the state of Wisconsin.

As seen on Steins Facebook, there will be a recount in Wisconsin.

Jill Stein has not gave up, and seems to continue and to try and make a change.

Comment your thoughts below. Do you think Steins petitions for recounts make a big change?



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