Medicinal Cannabis on the Course for Legalization in Ireland

It looks as if Medicinal Cannabis could be legalized in Ireland and be able to be bought for medial use sooner then expected.

Over recent months in Ireland, there has been a big debate going on whether to legalize medicinal Cannabis as a drug used for medical reasons or not. The big debate came into play when a woman named Paige Figi reported her daughter suffers from a rare form of  epilepsy that is brought on by Dravet Syndrome. She said in an interview with ‘Newstalk Drive’ that “the use of medicinal cannabis has changed her child’s life.”

In recent times, since the complaint by Paige was filed, there has been a big debate. However, the debate seems to of ended up with a somewhat positive result for Paige and her daughter as earlier today, the Irish Government decided not to appose the Bill about legalizing the drug made by Gino Kenny, People Before Profit TD. In his Bill he said, “People are using cannabis anyway, they are buying it on the street or growing it themselves, but everything is open to abuse.”

Image result for Gino Kenny

Gine Kenny, People Before Profit TD.

Now with the backing of the Irish Government, it looks as if medicinal cannabis could be legal for medical use by Easter of 2017. Not only have the Government not backed down on the thought of legalizing it, up to 90 TDs have come forward saying they support the idea, including TDs from major parties such as Labour and Fianna Fáil.

In a recent study, it’s been shown that 90% of Irish people support the legalization of the drug on medical grounds. Rates only slightly decrease with people over the age of 65+ with 86% of them saying yes and only 14% saying no.

What’s your opinion on the legalization on medicinal cannabis in Ireland? Is it a good idea or will the system be abused by people? Give us your opinion on the situation!


Central Media Inc Reporter


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