Presidential Address: State of Central Media Inc.


Shad’s Office~Alright in the turn of events the election was rigged by our former Administrative Officer, Chris/Metig/Metro. It is saddening to see someone with great potential and trust go to waste for something so silly. However, I do, once again apologize for what I said. Yes, it was wrong even though I said it in a joking way. I apologize for that.  However, the site must go on. As for the aftermath of everything, like my Vice President has announced 13YearOldN00b remains the Chief of Staff and Pika has stepped up as the Administrative Officer. I am sorry for all of you that wasted their time voting and deciding on who to vote for. As for everyone else, we will not let this childish act bring Central Media Inc. down. We will strive to make this place continue to be great. We will still be having a meeting tomorrow as well as a Power Giveaway and a party!

Now in the future we will make elections more secure as well as make them better. We will soon have a page that says how everything works around here. For the readers I hope you enjoy our post and we soon hope to make it more active around here with posts up everyday!



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