British woman found dead in Lapland.

Arrest scene

Earlier today a  26 year old woman was found dead in Lapland. The police said that her 36 year old boyfriend fled from his stabbed girlfriend. The police started a manhunt, which involved snow sleigh’s and a helicopter. The 36 year old was found later in the temperatures of -30C and the taken to hospital.

After the man was treated he was arrested in suspicion of killing his girlfriend.

The woman who was not named was working for a company Santa Safari, which works along side with Oxford based tours operator who organise Christmas themed trips around Lapland.

An employee from Santa Safari said: “We are deeply saddened to confirm that a member of the Santa Safari team was discovered dead on the 3rd December.

We are all in shock from this tragic news and our thoughts go out to her family.

It goes without saying that we will do everything we can to support the family and our staff at this incredibly difficult time.”


Head Reporter of Central Media Incorporated


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