Pokémon Sun & Moon – Magearna Distribution + 2nd chance to get Arceus!

If you haven’t read about the Mythical Meloetta Pokemon, click here. To get it, simply scan the QR code provided into the QR Scanner in the game and it will allow for you to go to Hau’oli City’s Mall to collect Magearna after becoming the Champion in the game.

NOTE: You can only scan this code UNLESS you completed the main story of Pokemon Sun/Moon. This scan code can only be once per game. If you’re in the European, wait tomorrow and l will post it on here.

Also, don’t forget the Arceus… You can get the second chance of getting Arceus through Pokemon X and Y, as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for this Arceus event! A second chance event for Arceus has gone live in both North America and Europe on XY & ORAS.

Here are the code for different places:

North America: ARCEUS20

Europe: ARCEUS2016

These codes can be redeemed until December 31st 2016. It won’t work if you obtained Arceus during the events held around the world earlier this year.


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