PewDiePie Is Going To Delete His Channel; YouTube Problems

PewDiePie Deletes His Channel

Two days ago, PewDiePie who is also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, released a video on YouTube titled “Deleting My Channel”. He started out first by thanking his subscribers for reaching 50 million then he went on to how he was going to keep his end of his promise which was to delete his YouTube channel if he reached 50 million subscribers. Of course, this was only a joke if you didn’t see it coming. Below is his video that is titled “Deleting My Channel”:

YouTube Viewers Problem

There has been a glitch going on, on YouTube lately. YouTubers have been complaining on how they have lost views on their recent videos or subscribers. This glitch started about a month ago, old videos before November, like in October aren’t being affected by the views glitch but videos from November to the month of December, now, are being affected.

As you can from above, the views dropped from 2 million views, this could have made you a lot of money which will affect YouTubers like JayStation who have quit their jobs to make videos for the audience daily. Some people might say to popular YouTube content creators like PewDiePie who has 50 million subscribers that they don’t really care how it effects them since they already are making a lot of money than other small-time YouTubers. If this YouTube glitch continues to happen, it will kill YouTube channels which leaves viewers nothing to watch from their favorite YouTubers who deleted their channel due to being affected by the YouTube Viewer and Subscriber glitch. This big change cuts off 30% through 40% of your views on your videos.

YouTube Subscriber Problem

The YouTube viewers problem isn’t the only problem that YouTube has, it’s that YouTube has started to unsubscribe channels that you don’t watch as often as the other channels that you do watch from your accounts. Now, I really think this is really unfair to the YouTubers who want to make their channels big and to do better content, but they can’t do this without supportive subscribers, when they lose their subscribers, they won’t have the motivation to make more content on the channel and just give up on making their channel big. Then YouTube are just like “Hey, well you aren’t really being a supportive subscriber and you aren’t even watching their videos so we will just do you a favor, and unsubscribe you from their channel”. What YouTube seems to be doing now is that the only make the viral videos, popular. When this affects more people, which I’m not saying it already doesn’t, but when it effects more people, channels will start begging for likes and do clickbaits more often than usual, and they will just be desperate to make a name for themselves in the YouTube world.

Ben // ThatWaryGuy


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