Stranger in McDonald’s leaves baby with a fractured skull and brain injury.

A small baby has been left with a fractured skull and brain injury. It is suspected that the baby had been hit out of nowhere by a complete stranger after they had been queued up in McDonald’s. Continue reading


Tsunami warning in Honiara

Tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands and the South Pacific. The 7.7 magnitude quake hit about 70 kilometres off of Kirakira, according to a US geological survey.

It has occurred from 17:40 GMT (4:40 Friday local time), then followed by two big aftershocks. Everywhere in the area were being evacuated and then heading to higher ground, but no reports of any serious damage yet to be told.

According to some who were on social media, they noticed there were some blackouts in the main capital, Honiara, and some others said to of not heard any tsunami sirens yet.

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