Chris Sale Traded to Boston

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In a stunning move, the Chicago White Sox trade their phenom ace, Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for the top prospect in baseball Yoan Moncada. This trade stunned everyone, some people sighing in relief and some anticipating a rough few years. Sale is regarded as one of the best pitchers in baseball right now, and can pack a punch in the intense AL East Division.


Fidel Castro Dies

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Fidel Castro, the Cuban Revolutionary and president has died at the age of 90. Castro was known for leading the Cuban Revolution against Batista and then establishing Communism on the island. He was a close ally with Soviet Russia, which scared the Americans almost causing a nuclear war. He is a controversial figure, as Cuban-Americans celebrate his death, those still in Cuba are mourning their loss. He resigned as President and gave it to his brother, Raul Castro 8 years ago and he is carrying the legacy of Communist Cuba.

Who Will Sign Yoenis Cespedes?

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Yoenis Cespedes is one of the best hitters in baseball right now, he carried the Mets to their first World Series appearance since 2000 against the Yankees and to the postseason 2 years straight. Now, he has decided to opt out of his contract with his contract with the Amazin’s so, where will he go now?

YANK’S PREDICTION- Washington Nationals/New York Yankees:

Granted, if you know me you’ll call bias. I am Yank after all. I can state for a fact I do not want Cespedes on the Yankees but, the way the Yankees have operated makes them prime for Cespedes since they pay big bucks and love home run hitters like Cespedes to bring in a ring. Especially if Cespedes likes New York but wants a bigger paycheck, he will probably sign with the Yankees. But, the Nationals are going to keep a close eye on him. They already have a fairly stacked offense, but adding Cespedes can help them end their postseason drought. With Murphy, Harper and Cespedes that team will be near unstoppable. But, we have until January to find out where this slugger will reside for around the next 5 years.

Keith Ellison Wants Change in the Democratic Party

After the Democrats huge losses in state governors, Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House, Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota is running for the chair of the DNC. Endorsed by many Progressives including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren he wants to make the Democrats a grassroots “party of the people”. Many progressives support him, not only for his policies but because he is a fresh start to them. Keith is the frontrunner for the DNC chair and has been showing a new left Democratic party that could change everything.

Leonard Cohen Passes Away

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The legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen passes away at age 82 in Los Angeles. He will be having a traditional Jewish burial next to his parents graves. His health was poor, and he was expected to pass any day now. He is best known for writing some of the best songs of the 1960’s and 70’s along with singing some classic songs like “Hallelujah”. He will be greatly missed for his amazing writing and deep voice.


Get Out and Vote!

If you are over 18, please vote! Your opinion matters in not just the Presidential Election, but Congress in both your state and nation. Vote in each category on your ballot. Even if you hate both main party candidates vote for Senators, Representatives and whomever else may be on the ballot in your state or else someone you really don’t like might get elected.

BREAKING: One officer dead, one injured in Bronx shooting

In New York City, a police offer was murdered during a standoff with a criminal in the Bronx. This reportedly happened during a chase, and the man opened fire on Paul Tuozzolo, 41. He was a 19 year veteran of the NYPD with a wife and 2 children. The suspect was killed in a shootout with other NYPD officers. We here at Central Media Inc condone the murder of police officers, they protect us every day no matter what.