This is the Staff page, here you will find out who run the central site of all our branches.



The President is simply the guy in charge of everything. He is the one person you will go to in case anything goes wrong or simply if you have any comments, questions, or concerns over the site. The President will uphold the utmost professionalism and respect towards everyone at all times. If something goes wrong he will refer to his Cabinet which is made up of The Administrative Officer, Chief of Production, and Chief of Staff.

Vice President


The Vice President is the President’s right-hand man or woman. The Vice President will be by the Presidents side at all times and will be in charge when the President is not able to. This individual is also in charge of keeping the other websites in check and doing what they are supposed to do. This individual will handle all business professionally and respectfully.

The Cabinet

Chief of Staff


The Chief of Staff is in charge of ALL Staff members other than the President, Vice President, Chief of Productions and Administrative Officer. This individual is in charge of hiring people and keeping them in line. This position is vital to Central Media Inc. and will be voted on by the people and will be discussed between the President and Vice President at the end. The Chief of Staff will be voted on by the people every 3 months.

Administrative Officer


The Administrative Officer is in charge of all post’s and pages on the site. This individual is in charge of the site and keeping all information up to date on the site. The Administrative Officer will be in charge of reporters and will work side by side with the Chief of Staff to maintain the staff page.

Chief of Production


The Chief of Production is in charge of making the site look professional at all times. This person will need to know how to make graphics and coding to keep the CSS up to date, but also be active at all times in case the CSS needs to be updated immediately. Also the Chief of Production will also be in charge of the Graphics Site.

Graphic Designers

Ben||ThatWaryGuy, Dawix, T1, LaJoJoe

Graphic Designers will be in charge of making graphics for the site and also be working for the Graphics Site. However, the Graphic Designers here at Central Media Inc. will be voted upon by the people over at the graphics site to work here. If these individuals have any questions, they can report to the Chief of Productions.

Head Reporter


The Head Reporter will be in charge of all reporting and will give each Reporter what subject they will report on and will have to be up to date on all newsworthy discussions along with breaking news. If the Head Reporter see’s one of the reporters slacking he will notify the A.O.

The Reporters

DrMatt, Yank, Zoomey

The Reporters will be reporting on anything they can find newsworthy of whether it is politics, Sports, Club Penguin, Professional Wrestling, Music, etc. Whatever you can find you can post it.

Xat Bouncers

Darklink, Legodude2004, Nathan, Ant/Santa



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